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The Most Unusual
Bluegrass Event This Year!

So, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary. After a long pandemic winter, we reckon there are quite a few people around the country that are longing to play some bluegrass with other people.

We Want To Bring The Jam To Your Place

The Jam Van is packed with inspiration and tips and tricks for anyone who want to evolve in their personal skills, bring their whole band to finetune the sound or just come and have a fun time, jam, and meet new people.

This event is suitable for beginner & intermediate level musicians or for advanced players who just wanna enjoy the fun. You can also bring your full band to get inspiration and tips of how to progress.

Although the workshop will be adjusted to fit the participants on each occasion here are som basic ideas we can talk about; tips for each instrument how to contribute to a jam or band situation, creating dynamic arrangements, how to set-up your band to play in the street and on stage, understanding the role and responsibility of your instrument, jam session best practices, and more...!

This is what you get:

  • Workshop

  • Jam session

  • BBQ and fun

  • Bluegrass Quiz

  • Traveling Circus Atmosphere

  • Printed material with jam and workshop song lyrics & chords

Register Now
There´s still a few spots left.

To keep the quality at a good level in workshops and jam we have limited the number of participants on each occasion to 15. Be sure to secure a spot asap.

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We start in the SouthWest

Since this is the first year we try this, we do it small scale. And - we wanna keep our day jobs, so we have a plan of 2  dates.

  • May 12 - Malmö

  • May 14 - Göteborg

Why the name "Circus"
To be honest, we thought the word "Tour" sounded a bit boring for what we want to achieve :-). Maybe you should not expect wild animals, an enormous tent and Rookie Riot and Grenna Bluegrass Festival Officials all dressed up as clowns, but some of the meanings of the word we believe fits pretty well. So, what you can expect  - is a happy traveling party that want to share a great time with you!

Here´s some google hits of the word circus:
"A travelling company of acrobats, clowns, and other entertainers which gives performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places."

"When the circus comes to town, you'll see a big, striped tent being set up for the show!"


"An event or activity that is wildly active, disordered, sensational..."

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