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Bird & Kite - A New Band In Town

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Bluegrass in Sweden is thriving. It is great to see new bands emerging and new opportunities for jam sessions popping up in several areas! In Gothenburg, BIRD & KITE has been set up around the vocal trio of Ulla, Lina & Alice which caters for some great harmony singing. It is yet too early to predict their musical template, but a guess would be a mix of pop, folk and bluegrass.

Ulla Tanggaard - Vocals & Guitar

Lina Lönnberg - Vocals & Accordion

Alice Ternesten - Vocals & Mandolin

Mattias Johannesson - Up-Right Bass

Jörgen Berg - Banjo

BIRD & KITE will have a first short show on Jan 12.

We wish BIRD & KITE all the best and hope we will see them on festivals in the future.

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