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The Ultimate Bluegrass Workshop Place - Grand Circus Hotel

So we found and decided on the spot that is perfect for the kick-off of the Rookie Riot Jam Van Workshop Circus! Close to the centre of Malmo there is a hotel and camping ground with a circus theme - The Grand Circus Hotel. Thanks to a friend on Facebook we got to know about it! With a load of fancy colored old circus wagons - remade into neat hotel rooms, a huge circus tent and fantastic atmosphere overall, this will be the perfect place for us to create the bluegrass workshop and jam atmosphere we've had in our minds for so long.

I could not resist calling the owner of this hotel, Valle Westesson, and ask him how this came to be.

-I wanted to create the feeling that you enter a story from another time, says Valle Westesson, founder of Grand Circus Hotel. - During summer we will host a bunch of various musical and humorous events, and hosting this Bluegrass Workshop fits well into our ambitions here, he continues. Fot those visiting Malmo and want a unique experience The Grand Circus Hotel can offer that, and it is located not far from Malmo centre. Being able to borrow bicycles to go around town and offering Vietnamese Food from a Food truck on Thursdays and Fridays adds to the value here.

We, at Grenna Bluegrass Festival and Rookie Riot, are really looking forward to this and, after all, finding a place that was founded with the idea of visiting another time could not match our workshop/jam idea better - RELIVING THE OLD DAYS OF BLUEGRASS. Hope to see you on the road! Erik Moreau Anders Ternesten


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